PK 20:30

PHOSPHORUS(V) OXIDE (P2O5) soluble in NAC and water20%
Phosphorus(V) oxide (P2O5) soluble in water18%
POTASSIUM OXIDE (K2O) soluble in water30%
Calcium (Ca) soluble in water6%

PK 20:30 + 6% Cais inorganic, solid, complex mineral fertilizer with distinct content of phosphorous and potassium, enriched with the presence of calcium.

Đubrivo PK 20:30 + 6% Ca is suitable for a large number of crops, and it is especially recommended for nutrition of crops with a distinct need for phosphorous and potassium. Phosphoric component is over 90% water-soluble and it is readily available to plants. High water-solubility and quick release of nutritive elements ensures the possibility of application of this type of fertilizers not only in the summer, but also immediately prior to sowing or with the sowing.

Key reasons for application:

  • Excellent solution for crops with distinct phosphorous and potassium requirements
  • Higher utilization of phosphorous and potassium in the year of application
  • Increased share of calcium achieves an important impact on plant mechanical firmness, mobility of assimilates and transformation of carbohydrates in plants
  • Significantly impacts the formation of qualitative and quantitative features of the fruit
  • Ensures continuous and aimed provision of plants with highly available nutrients
  • Possibility of simultaneous application with sowing