Ammoniacal nitrogen20%
Total Sulfur (S)24%

AmoSulfan is nitrogen fertilizer which is exceptionally suitable for the nurture of all crop cultures.

Ammonium ion is not movable in land because it binds in the interlayer gaps of clay minerals. The fixation of ammonium ion is a useful process since it prevents nitrogen losses by evaporation, washing and denitrification, thus ensuring balance of nitrogen in soil. From the aspect of the plant itself, fixation is also a positive process since ammonium ion which is released gradually behaves as a slow-acting source of nitrogen for plants. Sulphur in this fertilizer impacts better utilization of nitrogen and its increase in the plants.

The application of AmoSulfan significantly improves the availability and uptake of phosphorous if it is blocked in soil.

Key reasons for application:

  • Recommended for all crop cultures, especially for those rich in carbohydrates (corn, barley).
  • Suitable for plants which have a distinct need for sulphur, such as: rapeseed, cabbage, onion and garlic, Leguminosae (peas, string beans, lucerne, clover), sugar beet, potato, tomato and tobacco