Elixir Super Garden

The Super Garden line is a premium line consisting of five carefully selected formulations for grass, flowers, vegetables and fruits. Product composition has been defined and well-balanced through the dedicated work of Elixir Zorka’s development team in cooperation with eminent experts. We have selected the best relationship between basic, macro, and microelements for each target group of plants. Microelements are in the form that plants can most easily and fully adopt. We thought of all of you who find it important to give your plants only the best, and not to make compromises in terms of quality. In our formulations, potassium is in sulphate form so that chlorine is not present, even in traces, which is especially important for sensitive crops such as flowers and vegetables. Granules are highly soluble because the plants adopt the elements through water. Furthermore, the size of the granules has been carefully selected, in accordance with the cultivated plant, so that the effect of the fertilizer used is optimal. Super Garden program for all hobbyists who feel like professionals.