Elixir Supreme 5:10:22

Total NITROGEN (N)5%
Ammoniacal nitrogen5%
PHOSPHORUS(V) OXIDE (P2O5) soluble in NAC and water10%
Phosphorus(V) oxide (P2O5) soluble in water8%
POTASSIUM OXIDE (K2O) soluble in water22%
Magnesium oxide (MgO) total3%
Sulfur (S) soluble in water13%
Total Boron (B)0,2%
Total Zinc (Zn)0,15%

NPK 5-10-22 is a complex inorganic solid mineral fertilizer that contains excellently balanced ratio of NPK nutrients and micro elements with an emphasised potassium (K) content.

Key reasons for application:

  • Excellent balance between nutrients enables continuous nutrition to cultivated crops during the entire vegetation
  • Easily soluble and accessible phosphorus will enable faster and better rooting of young plants, which will enable better intake of other nutritive elements
  • Potassium (K) is in the sulphate form and it is suitable for all crops that are sensitive to chlorine form of this nutrient
  • Potassium stimulates numerous metabolic processes in plants, accelerates carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins synthesis, and affects plants’ tolerance to stress conditions
  • It is used as both the basic and start fertilizing of plants with an increased need for potassium (onion, potato, fruit bearing vegetables, sugar beet, fruits, and grapevine)
  • Boron (B) microelement enhances significantly the flowering and insemination of plants
  • Presence of zinc (Zn) stimulates the enzyme processes affecting protein and chlorophyll synthesis and creating of the plant hormone (auxin) that regulates plant growth and development