The keys to the tractor have been handed over

After the announcement of the prize winner of the ‘Elixir Zorka – Good for the Land’ Prize Contest, Elixir Agrar team went to visit the lucky winner of John Deere tractor Aleksandar Bogosavljević.

The tractor arrived at Veliko Crniće on Thursday, May 10th, for the joy of the Bogosavljević family, and most of all a young agricultural producer, twenty years old Aleksandar.

Among Aleksandar and his family, close friends and neighbours, there was an excitement and joy. It was evident that Aleksandar enjoys respect and affection of his neighbours and friends in his village, and as they told us, the tractor went into the right hands.

Aleksandar Bogosavljević cultivates 10 hectares of land, cultivates various field crop varieties and uses Elixir Zorka mineral fertilizer for the entire surface. At the address of Elixir Zorka he sent the bar codes from NPK 16:16:16 and NPK 8:15:15 formulations. He says he has learned about the Prize Contest in an agricultural pharmacy where he is supplied with mineral fertilizer of Elixir Zorka. Elixir Agrar and Elixir Zorka congratulate another lucky winner!