Join us

At Elixir Zorka, our Company’s culture is the fundamental basis of our daily business. This culture guides us, helping us achieve business excellence, our goals, and continuous growth.

At the heart of our business culture is a powerful set of values that have shaped us into who we are today, a socially responsible, successful and fast-growing Company.

As a team, we strive to work together, with teams from different divisions supporting each other in achieving their common goals. The basis for our success is the exchange of knowledge and information, open communication and mutual support between employees. We believe that building a relationship based on trust and respect, among employees at all levels, is essential.

The key to our success are our employees. Elixir Zorka makes continuous investments into educating its employees, improving knowledge and skills through various seminars and trainings, as well as on motivating employees through their active participation in improving the Company’s business processes.

Our core values are quality, responsibility, reliability, creativity, flexibility, innovation, mutual respect and teamwork. If you are ready to accept the aforementioned value system, to develop your talents directing them towards the realization of a commonly set business goal, while having enthusiasm, faith in success, and perseverance, join us and become a PART OF THE TEAM WHO IS NATURE’S NATURAL PARTNER!