Elixir Micro Gran

The Elixir Micro Gran line of products includes microgranulated complex mineral fertilizers developed using the latest technologies:

  • Dust Prills Free (DPF) – prevents the appearance of dust particles in the final product
  • Microgran technology – is specially designed for the production of granules in size 0.5-1.2 mm.

Elixir Zorka microgranulated starting fertilizers have a well-balanced ratio of nutrients, primary, secondary and essential microelements, which stimulate plant growth in the initial stages of development and contribute to a better rooting of the plant.

The goal of using microgranulated fertilizers is more precise dosing and distribution of mineral fertilizers for better use of nutrients by plants. Smaller granules allow for greater surface contact with soil, faster diffusion, and thus more efficient use by plants.

By using microgranulated fertilizer, we get more than 25 times better soil distribution with the same quantity of fertilizer. The number of microgranules (0.5-1.2 mm) compared to macrogranules, found in traditional mineral fertilizers (2-5mm), is 1:25 – 1:30. In 5 grams of traditional mineral fertilizers there are about 75-85 granules, while there are 2,000 – 2,500 granules in the same quantity of microgranulated fertilizer. The surface of microgranules is several times greater than the unit of volume for traditional granules, which leads to significantly faster water absorption, dissolution and release of nutrients compared to traditional fertilizers.