NutriBOOST NP 10:45

Total NITROGEN (N) 10%
Ammoniacal nitrogen 10%
PHOSPHORUS(V) OXIDE (P2O5) soluble in NAC and water 45%
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water 40%
Sulfur (S) soluble in water 5%
Total Zinc (Zn) 1%
  • Micro-granular fertilizer
  • Starter fertilizer with nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), sulfur (S), zinc (Zn)
  • Fertilizer with raised water soluble phosphorus
  • Phosphorus (P) and zinc (Zn) are main factors of root development and initial growth of young plants
  • It contains special supplement
  • Granule size: 0.5 to 1.2 mm

NutriBOOST is a micro-granular starter fertilizer with a special supplement applied ultra-localized with sowing or with line sowing.

NutriBOOST is a special fertilizer with a supplement which protects phosphorus (P) from blockage after introduction in soil, regardless of soil pH value (acidic, neutral, or alkaline soil). When phosphorus fertilizer is applied to soil and water, the largest part of negatively charged phosphorus anions will form compounds with positively charged cations of calcium (Ca), iron (Fe) or aluminium (Al) (they can be present in water or soil liquid phase), preventing its absorption from crops. This reduces efficiency of the applied phosphorus (P).

With application of NutriBOOST fertilizer phosphorus (P) is protected. The special supplement in the fertilizer protects phosphorus (P) from blockage since it prevents other elements such as Al, Fe or Ca to bind it and in that way to block phosphorus. This supplement provides the maximal utilization of nutrients from fertilizer and soil with plants during the period of intensive growth and development. This new generation of fertilizer enables better and longer utilization of nutrients in soil.

NutriBOOST is a combination of more specific properties in one fertilizer.

Application recommendations:
  • Corn 20 – 30 kg/ha
  • Rapeseed 20 – 40 kg/ha
  • Soya 20 – 25 kg/ha
  • Sunflower 20 – 25 kg/ha
  • Sugar beet 25 – 30 kg/ha
  • Cereal grains 20 – 40 kg/ha
  • Vegetables 25 – 50 kg/ha
Key reasons for application:
  • Better utilization of phosphorus (P) and other nutrients from soil and fertilizer
  • The formation of deep and branched root system
  • Better initial growth and development of young plants
  • Better formation of uniformed lines
  • Higher resistance of plants to stressful conditions