Elixir Group, as one of the regional leaders in agroindustry, is dedicated to responsible business in all its operational spheres, from cooperation with the primary agricultural sector, through processing and production, all the way to support the development of its local communities.

Elixir Group is not only recognized as an important business entity, it is also as an organization that behaves socially responsible towards its employees, business partners, the community while preserving the environment is viewed as an indispensable part of the production process.

Our goals are food safety, protection of people, goods and the environment, a humane work environment and responsible business, and our resources are innovations and investments.

According to projections made by the United Nations, by 2050 the world population will grow to 9.7 billion which will cause higher food consumption. In order to meet such demand, agricultural production will have to produce a 50% higher output on the same percentage of arable land. Despite numerous improvements in the efficiency of agricultural production, there has been a slowdown in yield growth due to increasing climatic changes. Elixir Group pays special attention to food safety and environmental preservation. With knowledge and experiencing, Elixir Zorka is giving its complex mineral fertilizers a powerful tool for improving yield on the same percentage of arable land. All our fertilizers are enriched with necessary micro and macro nutrients and thus they contribute to soil preservation, as one of the most endangered agricultural resources.

Elixir Group participates in the promotion of socially important projects, it connects business and society, promotes solidarity and community, and creates partnerships to enable a better future for society and the community. Our activities are aimed at helping vulnerable categories of the population, supporting professional and children’s sport, promoting a healthy lifestyle, supporting scientific research activities and cultural institutions, and fostering partnerships with our local and regional communities.