NPK 7:20:30

Total NITROGEN (N) 7%
Ammoniacal nitrogen 7%
PHOSPHORUS(V) OXIDE (P2O5) soluble in NAC and water 20%
Phosphorus(V) oxide (P2O5) soluble in water 18%
POTASSIUM OXIDE (K2O) soluble in water 30%
Sulfur (S) soluble in water 3%

NPK 7:20:30 +3% S je is highly concentrated inorganic, solid, complex mineral fertilizer which contains all necessary macro elements – nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), potassium (K) and secondary macro element sulphur (S). It is intended for nutrition various plant species, especially those with increased requirements for potassium and phosphorus, as well as on all types of soil with medium and low content of these elements. It is characterized by high content and high water solubility of phosphorus (90%) which provides efficiency and continuous supply of plants with this element during the growing season.

Application recommendations:
  • Fruits 350 – 700 kg/ha
  • Vegetables 400 – 700 kg/ha
  • Sugar beet 400 – 600 kg/ha
  • Rapeseed 200 – 400 kg/ha
  • Corn 200 – 500 kg/ha
  • Sunflower 200 – 400 kg/ha
  • Wheat 200 – 400 kg/ha
  • Soya 150 – 300 kg/ha
Key reasons for application:
  • Contains all necessary macro and micro elements for successful production
  • Excellent solution for crops with distinct phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) requirements
  • Higher utilization of phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) during the vegetation period
  • Significantly impacts the formation of qualitative and quantitative features of the fruit
  • Ensures continuous and aimed provision of plants with highly available nutrients
  • Presence of secondary macro elements sulphur (S) affects more efficient use of nitrogen, protein and chlorophyll synthesis and activity of numerous enzymes